Bordering on Brexit: Global Britain and the Embers of Empire


20-22 September 2018

Programme of Events

Thursday 20 September 2018

18.00-19.00  Introduction: Jennifer Ballantine Perera (Garrison Library)

Official Welcome: Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia MP

Vote of thanks: Stuart Ward (Copenhagen)

19.00  Reception in the Library Garden

Friday 21 September 2018

9.00-11.15  Session 1

Chair: Astrid Rasch (Trondheim)

Yasmin Khan (Oxford):

Indian Dreams in Brexit Britain

Elizabeth Buettner (Amsterdam):

Migration and the Postcolonial EU: Britain and the Netherlands Compared

Camilla Schofield (East Anglia):

‘Let us be a warning’: Brexit Britain, the American Right and the Fall of Europe

11.15-11.45  Break for Coffee

11.45-14.00  Session 2

Chair: Richard Toye (Exeter)

Bill Schwarz (Queen Mary):

The Contraction of England

Neal Ascherson (UCL):

Scotland, Brexit and the persistence of empire

Michael Kenny (Cambridge):

English Nationalism and Brexit: “Britannia Unchained” or Post-Industrial Revolt?

14.00-15.00  Break for Lunch

15.00-16.30  Session 3

Chair: Stuart Ward (Copenhagen)

Jamie Trinidad (Cambridge):

Brexit and the Status of the Gibraltar  Border

Jennifer Ballantine Perera (Garrison Library):

(Bre)xit or (Bre)entry into the World: the Spirit of Citizenship and Global Britain against the backdrop of Gibraltar

16.30-17.00  Break for Coffee

17.00-18.30  Session 4

Chair: Stuart Ward (Copenhagen)

Keynote: Fintan O’Toole (Irish Times):

The Pleasures of Self-Pity

Saturday 22 September 2018

9.00-11.00  Session 5

Chair: Kalathmika Natarajan (Copenhagen)

Astrid Rasch (Trondheim):

Complexity made simple: Battles over imperial memory in contemporary Britain

Katie Donington (London South Bank):

Relics of empire? Slavery, imperialism, and decolonising the museum

Olivette Otele (Bath):

Memorabilia of the past, Brexit Britain and the re-writing of colonial history

11.00-11.30  Break for Coffee

11.30-13.30  Session 6

Chair: Christian Damm Pedersen (Southern Denmark)

Richard Drayton (KCL):

Bigger vs. Little Britain: God, War, Union, Brexit and Empire in Twenty-first century Conservative ideology

Saul Dubow (Cambridge):

Rhodes Must Fall: Decolonising and the problem of Declension in Circuits of Knowledge

13.30-14.30  Break for Lunch

14.30-16.00  Session 7

Chair: Ezekiel Mercau (Dublin)

R. Toye and D. Thackeray (Exeter):

Imagining Empire 2.0? Brexit and the historical debate about Britain’s economic future

Stuart Ward (Copenhagen):

Global Britain, Greater Britain