Image Library

What is the project?

We are launching an online Image Library. This project is part of a wider digitisation project at the Garrison Library.

The Library holds an archive on print and print culture in Gibraltar, which includes negatives and photographs, many of which were published on the pages of the Gibraltar Chronicle. We are currently digitising the negatives we hold.

Mark Origo, at the Garrison Library, has been instrumental in digitising these and in setting up a database with dates and information on all the images thus far digitised.

Why does the Library hold the Gibraltar Chronicle Negative and Photographic Archive?

This makes perfect sense as the Gibraltar Chronicle was established at the Garrison Library in 1801, the newspaper was printed on Library premises and both newspaper and Library have a shared history.   The Library is therefore the repository for these and other Chronicle archival material. The Image Library at the Gibraltar Garrison Library is, on the whole, derived from images taken by Gibraltar Chronicle staff photographers, amongst which are Slim Simpson, John Shepherd, Orlando Charvetto and Johnny Bugeja.

Significance of the Project

Significant for both Library and the community: –

Institutionally this project ties in with our mission to continue to provide access to our collections in ways that reflect how information is accessed in this 21st century.

It is also a project close to our roots given the history share with the Gibraltar Chronicle .

For the community, these images are in effect snapshots of a community at different historical moments in time. There is historical significance but these images will also reflect the changing face of Gibraltar. We have decided to launch our Image Library with the year 1972. The first set of mages released offers us an insight into the organisation behind the Three Kings Cavalcade which takes place on the eve of the Epiphany, every 5th January.

How have we organised the project?

We have been using a scanner that digitises negatives converting them onto images. We have commenced with our negatives for a number of reasons: we were keen to know what images they held as in negative form their content would remain largely unknown to us.

Mark Origo was tasked earlier this year to digitise and convert these images. We have thousands digitised and Mark has put together a database to which he is continually adding new information.

How to access?

The image library will be available to view on the Garrison Library Webpage. For further information on the image library please contact the Gibraltar Garrison Library on +350 200 77418 or